The HEAR Entrepreneurship awards

The HEAR Entrepreneurship award has 3 levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold which must be completed in order – to attain a

  • Bronze, the student needs to demonstrate the development of an entrepreneurial mindset by having thought about a potential business idea or participated in an enterprise event.
  • Silver Revolves around putting that mindset to practical use by setting up a business or project.
  • Gold award is reserved for those students who are judged by IFEL to have made significant success in their chosen project

A degree is most important to getting a great job, but employers look for much more than a degree when choosing which graduates to offer jobs to. Getting experience and developing skills whilst you study and during your holiday periods will give you a competitive edge. This page will tell you more about the opportunities the University provides to gain valuable experiences that enhance your HEAR, and how you can work towards achieving our employability awards.

If you’d like to know more about the HEAR scheme or sign up for your award, then click here and fill in a contact form and mention HEAR in the details. We try to answer all emails within 72 hours.